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More than a Loan: Consulting & Coaching

Consulting and coaching that helps small businesses and nonprofits ensure sustainability and, at some point if needed, qualify for traditional bank loans, is a key part of the mission of Growth Partners Arizona (GPAz).

“We help business owners and nonprofit leaders become more efficient and more profitable over time,” says GPAz Executive Director Lesli Pintor, who helps borrowers, as well as organizations not yet ready to borrow or those that borrow elsewhere. Below are a few examples of the kind of consulting and coaching GPAz provides.

Navigate Federal Emergency Programs

“We had just received a Small Business Success Loan from Growth Partners in early March to expand our business. By mid March, our business declined significantly.

Growth Partners was a great source of advice on how to handle federal EIDL and PPP loans, and offered an early payoff without penalties for the GPAz loan since we can’t expand at this time.” ~ Neil Sing, Co-owner Fox in a Box Tucson

Fox in a Box offers three escape rooms that focus on exploring, discovering, and connecting with teammates around themed puzzles. Players use elements of the room to find clues and escape within 60 minutes.

Debt Relief

“We called Growth Partners when Covid 19 hit and we had to temporarily close our doors. They very quickly allowed us to defer our payments for 3 months and there are options for a longer period of time. It was a lifeline to have that flexibility.

Growth Partners reached out several more times to see if there is anything else they could do for The Loft. They’ve been an amazing partner through all of this.” ~ Zach Breneman, Deputy Director, The Loft Cinema

The Loft Cinema screens new independent and foreign films and documentaries, classic art films, and interactive events. This member supported nonprofit cinema also is a community venue and host to an international film festival.

Creative Loan Repayment

“The COVID 19 crisis disrupted our business in ways we could never have imagined. Being able to talk to Growth Partners as we develop multiple budget scenarios and adjust the structure of our loan has been invaluable.

The collaboration has given us the opportunity to be nimble and adjust to this crisis in a way that we never would have been able to do without this funding and their excellent advice.” ~ Michael Martinez, Executive Director, Live Theatre Workshop

Live Theatre Workshop produces inclusive, accessible and affordable professional theatre and theatre education that entertains, educates and enlightens children, adults, and families. LTW is a nonprofit supported by grants and generous people.

Financial Strategy

“We needed to understand the ins and outs of purchasing a building and had specific questions about what a nonprofit needs to consider when making this kind of decision.

Growth Partners was very helpful and able to provide very useful advice across a wide spectrum of business topics.” ~ Paula Schaper, Vice President, Mat Bevel Company

This arts and education nonprofit teaches people of all ages how to cultivate creativity. The Matt Bevel Company found-object kinetic art museum, live theater, hands-on educational programs and digital multimedia productions inspire people to tackle challenges and seize opportunities with greater imagination.

A Catalyst for What’s Possible

Because we are a mission-based lender and Certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), we focus on communities and borrowers who lack access to traditional capital sources such as banks.

GPAz offers loans, as well as consulting and coaching, to small businesses and nonprofits located in low-income areas, those that employ and/or serve low-income and minority communities, and those who are low-income, minority and/or women business owners.

For more than 30 years, CDFIs across the country have a strong track record of making an impact in those areas of America that need it most, areas where mainstream finance doesn’t reach or cannot lend.

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