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Analy Guzman from El Antojo Poblana

Kiva Tucson: Food Truck offers the tastes of Puebla, Mexico

A distinctive mole sauce is one of the many delicious items on Analy and Leobardo Guzman’s food truck menu. Her mom Maria Antonieta makes it regularly in Puebla, Mexico, and sends it north for El Antojo Poblano customers to enjoy. For each batch, she continuously stirs more than 30 ingredients—including chocolate, bread, nuts, chilis and plantains—in a large pot over an open fire for two and half hours.

El Antojo Poblano is located west of the I-10 at 1114 W. St. Mary’s Rd. “The name of my food truck has several translations: it can mean a longing or craving for Puebla, the region of Mexico where I am from. It can also refer to the mouth-watering desire the food of Puebla gives to anyone who sees or smells it. This restaurant is my way to pay homage to where I am from and share its rich flavors with people from everywhere,” says Analy.

“Everything we make is hand-made from scratch, using the methods of my foremothers,” she added.

According to Tucson Foodie writer Jackie Tran in an 4/8/19 post, the Guzman’s cuisine isn’t one of Tucson’s most prominent styles of Mexican cuisine, but its arrival is exciting for a foodie. “Due to the French Intervention in the 1800s, Puebla City features a rich bread culture. Although you might be familiar with pan dulce throughout Tucson, you’ve probably missed out on the brioche-like, sesame-covered cemita bread.”

Complementing the unique food, is an open-air covered patio for seating with fans, fresh flowers, service with plates and silverware (pre-Covid), and banners with beautiful photos of Puebla.

Kiva Tucson Loan offers support during coronavirus pandemic

Analy, with navigation and translation help from her friend Cameron Jones, was successful in her Kiva Tucson loan application and subsequent appeal to Kiva lenders. Cameron grows food for Five Points Market and met the Guzmans when he approached them about buying part of a bumper crop of cilantro. She’s grateful for Cameron’s help, as well as the help she’s received through the Women’s Business Center at the YWCA Southern Arizona (a Kiva Tucson trustee).

The Guzmans will prioritize the Kiva Tucson loan funds over time to purchase a new generator to run the food truck; an additional refrigerator; a cooling/heating system in the food prep area; more advertising; and cleaning, sanitation, and personal protective equipment for all the family members who work in the business.

Kiva’s unique community-backed loan model helps business owners access no-interest, no-fee loans with the help of people who lend as little as $25 to their campaigns. (Nonprofits with earned income streams are eligible for Kiva loans, too.)

Kiva Tucson is a program of Growth Partners Arizona in partnership with the Community Investment Corporation and with funding from the City of Tucson. Kiva Tucson provides local support for Kiva borrowers.


El Antojo Poblana food truck
Analy Guzman in front of the El Antojo Poblano food truck and patio

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