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Every business decision is a financial decision.

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Think way ahead, be strategic about managing cash flow, and understand the power of properly structured debt as a financial tool to achieve nonprofit and for-profit business goals.


When to Consider Debt

  • It’s more efficient and cost effective than fundraising (or used in conjunction with fundraising).
  • You have a temporary cash flow gap from normal operations.
  • It’s time to expand a program or purchase assets.


When NOT to Consider Debt

  • You have cash flow shortfalls with no identifiable revenue source.
  • There are structural problems that won’t be corrected with debt.
  • Debt won’t help you build your organization.


Preparing to Borrow

  • Understand your financial statements.
  • Look ahead for goals you’re trying to achieve.
  • Don’t wait until it’s a crisis.
  • Get your paperwork in order: Historical financial statements, budget and cash flow projections, and organizational documents
  • Know why you’re borrowing.
  • Know how you will pay the loan back.


Why Borrow from GPAz?

  • GPAz reinvests in other nonprofits in the community.
  • GPAz may make loan even if you don’t have collateral.
  • GPAz can be more adaptable to nonprofit’s needs.
  • GPAz provides technical assistance (advice/coaching).


Questions? Give us a call at: (520)382-9218

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