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Expanding to Become a Statewide Resource

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Over the last decade we have focused on building strong relationships and delivering on our commitments in Southern Arizona. Through these commitments we have been able to build strong relationships, deploy over $6 million in loans, and assist hundreds of business owners in scaling their businesses. As we enter a new year we do so with a high level of energy, passion, and commitment to become a statewide resource for nonprofits and small businesses in Arizona.

The next 18-24 months will be critical as we focus on building a more inclusive economy. We believe that an inclusive economy is one that serves the needs of all people by creating pathways into the financial system for traditionally underserved populations including those who live in rural and Tribal communities. This will require us to forge strong relationships with local city officials, organizations, and community leaders to ensure we are intentional in how we support the needs of our communities.

To be successful we must work collaboratively with organizations, city officials, stakeholders, community leaders, and financial institutions across the state. We have identified three strategic priorities that will assist in facilitating our success: 

  1. Grow Intentionally Through Partnerships & Collaboration
  2. Launch Growth Lending Model
  3. Strengthen Outcomes & Amplify Impacts

These priorities will guide us and ensure our work remains aligned with our mission. This will be an exciting year and we look forward to building together on behalf of all small businesses and nonprofit organizations in Arizona.

Click here to learn about our strategic priorities. 


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