Loan Programs

Our loan programs are designed to provide you with the capital you need to grow your business or nonprofit.

We support both English and Spanish speaking borrowers who are seeking resources, capital, coaching, or mentoring.

Loan Amounts Up to $100K*

Affordable loan terms with no prepayment penalties means you can borrow what you need now and pay it back as scheduled or sooner with out any hidden charges.

Interest Rates as Low as 6%

We offer competitive interest rates to support your capital needs.

Technical Assistance

Throughout the loan application process our team will be with you each step of the way to answer any questions, provide support, and coaching. Our support goes far beyond deploying capital, we have a dedicated team of experts who can help you scale your business, provide industry insight, and help you navigate your greatest challenges.

Why Growth Partners Arizona

We are building a more inclusive economy through partnerships and collaboration.

Local Non-profit Lender

Our goal is to support local nonprofits and small businesses. We are not in the business of making profits but we are in the business of making an impact on our local economy. Through responsible lending we deploy capital to those who need it most and use your repayments to support other local organizations.

Our Borrower Profile

We are committed to supporting the underserved communities in Arizona and because of this we look beyond your credit score. We know that you are more than a number and we will do our part to provide the capital you need.

Customized Loan Terms

Because we are a nonprofit lender we are able to say yes when others say no. We understand that no two businesses or organizations are alike and for this reason we work closely with you to identify the best funding package that fits your needs.

Application Process

Our team is committed to ensuring the process to secure capital is simplified, easy, and timely. Our goal is to provide the resources, support, and funding needed to thrive. Our process is as simple as ABC.

Apply Today

Complete our online loan application.

Build a Plan Forward

Work with a member of our team to build a plan forward.

Capital Deployment

Receive the funding you need to achieve your business or organizational goals.

Growth Partners Arizona has been the trusted go to source for local nonprofits and small businesses for years!