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Tailored Financial Support

Unlock new possibilities for growth and impact with our Nonprofit Loan Program. Designed for changemakers like you.

Nonprofit Loans

Fueling Community Champions

In a world where resources are scarce but dreams are limitless, our Nonprofit Loan Program stands as a beacon of hope and support. Created with the vision of empowering local nonprofits, we offer financial solutions that are both accessible and impactful. Our mission is to enable your organization to reach its fullest potential, contributing to community development, economic empowerment, and the creation of inclusive spaces for all.

Benefits of the Loan Program

A Partner in Your Journey to Impact

Tailored Solutions to Amplify Your Impact

Our loans are designed with your unique needs in mind, offering flexible terms and rates. We also go beyond financing by providing resources and training to grow your capacity.

Community-Centered Mission-Aligned

We started out as a Nonprofit Loan Fund because we understood how important nonprofits are to our community. Working with us means you have a partner committed to ensuring our communities have the resources needed to thrive.

Program Overview

Fueling Change, Fostering Growth

Our Nonprofit Loan Program is here to empower your nonprofit to reach new heights. By providing the financial support needed for crucial investments like equipment upgrades and property renovations, we’re not just lending money—we’re investing in your mission. We understand the challenges of waiting for funds from donations, grants, and seasonal revenues. That’s why our program is designed to bridge those gaps, ensuring you have the resources to continue your vital work without pause. With our support, you can focus on expanding your impact and making a lasting difference in the community. 

Borrower Spotlight

Sol Dog Lodge and Training Center, Groundbreaking Event

We recently partnered with our community financing partners to provide capital to assist the AGR Foundation in securing funding to build a new facility in Southern Arizona. 

Interested in growing your nonprofit financial knowledge?

If so check out our Nonprofit Finance & Loan Navigator program.