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Empowering Southern Arizona’s Small Businesses: Thriving Thursdays at Arizona FORGE

Last quarter marked the beginning of our collaboration with Arizona FORGE, a partnership to enhance the financial literacy and empowerment of small business owners in Southern Arizona. During our kickoff event, we shared our history as a CDFI and our plans to provide the resources and support local business owners need to grow their businesses sustainably. Our goal is to contribute to the thriving community in Southern Arizona by integrating our services into what currently exists while not reinventing the wheel. We desire to complement the work of our fellow community partners, transforming the financial landscape for small businesses in Southern AZ.

With the arrival of April, our focus intensifies on Financial Literacy Month, underscoring the importance of financial education in business success and sustainability. Our commitment is manifested through Thriving Thursdays, a series of engaging workshops and events designed to elevate the financial acumen of small business owners. These gatherings are not just about imparting knowledge; they are about creating opportunities for real growth and development.

Every fourth Thursday, small business owners can dive into specially curated resources at our Thriving Thursdays workshops. The series starts in April, focusing on “The Power of Capital,” in line with Financial Literacy Month, providing a deep dive into managing and leveraging capital for business growth. These first two sessions will be led by seasoned professionals and expert business consultants from JP Morgan Chase. With JP Morgan Chase’s expertise, these workshops are designed to educate and empower entrepreneurs with the skills necessary to navigate today’s competitive business environment. Our goal is to tap into the community to connect local experts, innovators, and leaders in finance with our small business owners. Creating spaces where knowledge is transferred, growth happens, and fear is conquered.

As a CDFI, we understand how crucial Financial literacy is in today’s business environment. It is the foundation for businesses to manage cash flow effectively, plan for growth, and access the capital necessary for expansion. Our partnership with Arizona FORGE and the Thriving Thursdays program is a testament to our dedication to the economic empowerment of small business owners in Southern Arizona.

As we celebrate Financial Literacy Month, we reiterate our promise to support and inspire small business owners through a comprehensive understanding of finance. We invite all entrepreneurs, whether seasoned or new to the business world, to join Thriving Thursdays at FORGE. Together, we are committed to building more substantial businesses and a more resilient community, ensuring a prosperous future for all.