You are currently viewing Empowering Southern Arizona: Growth Partners Arizona and Kiva Tucson Hub Surpass $600K, Aim for $1 Million in Community Lending

Empowering Southern Arizona: Growth Partners Arizona and Kiva Tucson Hub Surpass $600K, Aim for $1 Million in Community Lending

TUCSON, Ariz., November 16, 2023 – Marking a pivotal moment in its mission to bolster the small business landscape of Southern Arizona, Growth Partners Arizona proudly announces its significant milestone of disbursing over $600,000 in loans. This achievement is part of a larger vision, as the organization sets an ambitious goal of reaching $1 million in lending over the next 24 months, through its collaboration with the global platform

This initiative, vital to the economic fabric of Southern Arizona, has empowered a diverse range of entrepreneurs, with a notable 83% being women-owned businesses. Such efforts are breaking down longstanding barriers and fostering a more inclusive business environment. This commitment to diversity and inclusion is further exemplified by the Kiva Tucson Hub’s national ranking as #6 in the United States, showcasing the region’s growing reputation for nurturing economic growth and diversity.

Reflecting on this journey, Andre Whittington, Executive Director of Growth Partners Arizona, states, “Our achievements with the Kiva Tucson Hub mark significant strides towards an inclusive economy. Each loan we extend symbolizes hope and opportunity, reinforcing our message that every entrepreneur’s dream is important and achievable.”

Capital Access Manager Alexa Rodriguez adds, “Providing these loans has been an incredibly rewarding experience. As someone with a background in entrepreneurship, I understand the challenges of small businesses. These funds do more than just provide financial aid; they build a community of support and shared aspirations.”

Local business owners, like Gabe Ceniceros of The Blacktop Grill, attest to the program’s transformative impact. “Kiva’s support in funding our second location was crucial. It’s inspiring to see organizations like Kiva and Growth Partners Arizona invest in small businesses, helping us realize our dreams.”

Having already supported 58 small businesses across various industries, Growth Partners Arizona’s drive towards the $1 million milestone in the next 24 months is not just about financial goals; it’s about cultivating a robust, inclusive business community. This ambitious target represents a commitment to the continuous growth and empowerment of Southern Arizona’s entrepreneurial spirit.

This significant milestone and our ambitious future goal are more than just numbers; they embody the spirit of community collaboration and shared dreams. We invite everyone in Southern Arizona to join us on this empowering journey. Together, we can reach and surpass the $1 million mark, fostering a thriving, inclusive business ecosystem. Your support, whether as lenders, advocates or patrons, is crucial in turning these aspirations into reality. Let’s unite to champion the entrepreneurial spirit of our region, making Southern Arizona a beacon of innovative, community-driven economic success.